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Trascrizione del secondo episodio della serie Cosmic Disclosure, con David Wilcock e Corey Goode che ha lavorato 20 anni al programma spaziale segreto, l’episodio puo’ anche essere visto in video su GaiamTV con i sottotitoli in Inglese e varie altre lingue (purtroppo non c’e’ l’Italiano), i primi due episodi sono liberamente visionabili, per la visione dei successivi e richiesto l’abbonamento a GaiamTV (primo mese 99 cent i successivi 9 dollari), abbonandosi si puo’ donare una piccola parte a Corey, che per farsi avanti e rivelare tutto ha perso il lavoro che aveva e ora non ha mezzi di sussistenza per se e la sua famiglia, chiunque lo voglia sostenere puo’ abbonarsi direttamente seguendo il link sul suo blog o fargli una donazione a mezzo paypal, accessibile dal bottone “donate” sul suo blog Sphere Being Alliance.


thumbCosmic Disclosure: First Encounter

Season 1, Episode 2

DW : Well Corey, this has been such a wild adventure. You started talking to me, basically, every day I think, when was it, maybe last October, 2014?

CG : It was around October, yes.

DW : Something like that. And when we first started talking about this you were just another insider coming forward. And then you eventually decide to release your name, because some people were figuring it out through investigation. And you got pulled into this alliance, which up until then, you really didn’t have a whole lot of contact with it. Right? It was a new thing that happened after we started to.. after your name came out, you started to release more information.

CG : Right. My name was brought to this alliance and by this new group of Blue Avians. They mentioned me by name, that they wanted me to be a liaison between them and other groups. So I was, sort of, thrust into it.

DW : Had these Blue Avians ever spoken to the space program people before ?

CG : Yes, they were in contact with a person that I call by another name that’s similar to his, Lieutenant Colonel Gonzalez.

DW : So Gonzalez, had you met him before this new sequence of events happened where your name was requested personally?

CG : No.

DW : Oh, okay.

CG : He was a new introduction to me. He had been in contact with the Blue Avians about the same amount of time I had been.

DW : Which was how long?

CG : Right a little over four years.

DW : Okay.

CG : He was in contact with them. He brought my name to the rest of the secret space program alliace.

DW : They told him your name?

CG : They told…

DW : And they asked him to tell the alliance that they requested you by name?

CG : Yes. And…

DW : So you hadn’t been up there in a long time, right?

CG : Right. I hadn’t been a part of that world in a while. And they investigated me. They looked into my background, and a lot of my service record had been redacted. And there were some things that concerned them. They really wanted one of their own guys to be a delegate or liaison between this new group.

DW : How is it even possible that a black ops group could redact information out of somebody’s security dossier.

CG : These are hard coded. It’s not supposed to be possible.

DW : So that must have freaked them out.

CG : Yeah, it’s not supposed to be possible. These are hard coded.

DW : And I would imagine within their own system there’s all kinds of rules and laws and precautions about who gets to be brought up there. And if you’ve been out of the loop for that long, they’re not going to be too happy about bringing you up there, I would think.

CG : Right, and I was not someone that they had full confidence in that would toe the line and follow their every order. They wanted someone that they had full control over.

DW : Wow, so this name just gets dropped on them. And how did you find out that you were requested? Did you get contacted by Gonzalez, or did somebody else contact you?

CG : I was contacted by Gonzalez. I ended up getting picked up in one of the craft, one of the shuttle craft.

DW : Right.

CG : And I was informed that I had been selected by the Blue Avians, and I had been informed by the Blue Avians that this was going to occur. And…

DW : And how would that take place? What is the typical Blue Avian contact like?

CG : They will either appear in my house,  or they have the little spheres come and bring me. Little orbs..

DW : You said they’re eight feet tall, so how do they fit into your house?

CG : I have a high vaulted ceiling house. They have plenty of room to fit into my house. They’ve appeared in my house.

DW : Do they appear to have gravity weight? Do they bend the floor or something?

CG : No, they don’t bend the floor.

DW : Do they float, or do they appear to be standing on the floor?

CG : No, they’re standing there just like a normal person would be standing there.

DW : And it looks totally solid and real? It doesn’t look like a ghost?

CG : Right.

DW : Wow.

CG : Yeah, they look like you could walk up and touch them.

DW : How did if feel the first time this happened? Were you shocked?

CG : Well, I mean I had been in contact with them for awhile, but it was more of a personal nature.

DW : Right, you said four years.

CG : For four years.

DW : So they had been doing this off and on for four years, just appearing in your house?

CG : Right, it wasn’t a very regular contact.

DW : So Gonzalez gives you the message that they’re going to bring you up there, and you said that a shuttle craft came. Could you briefly describe what the shuttle craft is? How does that happen?

CG : Yes, there’s a small shuttle that fits five people, two crew in the front, and then three seats in the back. It’s a triangular shape and goes up into somewhat of a pyramid kind of shape. And the side opens up. You get in. When it would float in the backyard, I’d go into the backyard to get in. When you’d step in, it would dip down and move a little bit.

DW : And so it doesn’t have landing gear?

CG : No. But it would, there were –

DW : What was the color?

CG : It was the black grayish color that you would see that you associate with the stealth bombers that a lot of people are familiar with. Within a matter of a few minutes, it would zip up to the LOC.

DW : And the LOC again is?

CG : The Lunar Operation Command.

DW : Had you experienced this before?

CG : Not with this. This particular shuttle was new to me. This was… there were some newer technology that I was seeing from when I was in prior.

DW : So take us through what happens next. Did you have windows you could see you flight through, or was it all blocked out once you got inside?

CG : Well, at times they could make the panels go transparent where you could see out, but usually it was such a short trip there was no need for you to see out.

DW : How long did it take you to get to the moon?

CG : Three to four minutes.

DW : Wow, so let’s take it from there. What happens? You’ve been invited to be this delegate for Blue Avians. You get brought up to the moon in this shuttle craft. What was going through your mind? What happens next?

CG : Well, I didn’t – I really didn’t know what to expect. I was never really given, you know, a lot of intel beforehand. I got dressed real quick. I grabbed the quickest cap I could find off of the rack, which happened to be a hat I got when I went to Houston with my family.

DW : This is now while you’re still in the house before you got picked up?

CG : Yes.

DW : So you got dressed.

CG : And it was when we toured NASA down in Houston, Texas. I had a NASA shirt, a NASA hat we bought as tourists. And I put on the NASA hat. And the night before – I didn’t even think about it – my daughter is wanting to paint faces. She likes to paint faces. And she wanted to paint my face, and I knew I had that meeting the next morning up at the LOC. So I was like “No, I’m not going to do that.”. So she was just like “well, can I paint your hand?” And so I said “Okay”. So she painted a green dinosaur, Tyrannosaurus Rex on my hand, eleven year old. So I didn’t wash it off, and it stayed on all night. And it was pretty dried. And that was still on my hand. I was not looking all dapper and sharp for this first encounter. As I was getting off the craft, there were other craft. And in this particular time, when I got on the craft, there was another person on the craft that was wide eyed. It was a lady, and she looked like she had just gotten out of bed.
And she was like, isn’t this exciting? Isn’t this wonderful? And she was just ecstatic. And it was just her and myself in the three-seater in the back when we went up. And then we just –

DW : Are there two pilots in the front? Is that two –

CG : Yeah.

DW : So two people have to run it.

CG : Right. Two people were in the front. And then the three – usually three open seats in the back. And usually it’s just me getting in. This one time I was surprised when it opened to see someone else in there. And when we land in the hangar, we disembark. And there are a lot of other people disembarking for this conference that were just kind of average Joe’s. And they were all starting to file into a line to go into one area of the VIP area of the Lunar Operation Command. And I was met by Gonzalez who walked me past them to – there was a conference room right next to that. And he walked me right into the very front of the very crowded room and told me to stand. He said, stand right here. And it was almost in the very front of the conference room. So I stood there. I put my thumbs in the front of my jeans feeling very weird, because I could feel all the eyes on me. So then I looked up and started to look around, and I saw all these people in these swivel chairs in a cathedral – like conference room that went very high up. The room could hold around 300 people. And there were people from all over the world. There were people in – politicians in India up there with the cut of the collar.

DW : Leather jacket?

CG : I guess. And people that looked like they were from that area of the world. There were people in different military type uniforms, different type of Air Force type jumper suits, and just a wide variety of people. And some of them looked like they knew each other. They were clicked off, talking to each other, or murmuring to each other. And I was standing up at the front trying to be inconspicuous as I could being at the very front. I have no idea what I’m doing, why I’m there. And I catch the attention of some of the people in the front. And being gruff military people, they start asking, you know, who the heck are you? I’m cleaning up the language. Who the heck are you? What are you doing here? I said, I was just told to stand here. And one of them said, why are you wearing that ridiculous cover? Referring to the hat I was wearing. They said, take that off. I cleaned it up again. I took my hat off, and just flipped it and spun it onto the floor. Another one asked, why do you have a painting of a reptilian on your hand? And I looked at that, and I tried to wipe it off. But it was too dried. It smeared a little. And I was really starting to get nervous at that point. I had no idea what was going to happen.

DW : You just up there being heckled.

CG : I was starting to get heckled, yeah.

DW : You were alone on stage?

CG : I was alone on stage. No prep. I was just walked there, told to stand there. And then all of a sudden everybody got quiet and just filed to their seats and started looking behind me.
And I didn’t see a flash, anything strange, but I’d look behind me. And there was standing one of the Blue Avians that I’ve come to known as Raw-Tear-Eir. And I know one of the other sphere beings that I had never seen before that we’ve come to now call the golden triangle head just because we’ve not been given a name or anything. They’re not real big on names of but…

DW : There’s a golden triangle on the top of their body?

CG : It’s head was a golden upside down triangle, huge head with huge eyes that were blue. And his shoulders were very thin about the same width as this head. He was about 10 feet tall, couple feet taller than the Blue Avian. And his arms were extremely long and thin. And his legs were too. No clothing. No sex organs or anything like that. And the skin was brown with a golden sheen, and had three fingers, and it was standing on three toes that were supporting it like this, almost like tripods. And it was there, didn’t communicate, nothing. It just stood here. And it just seemed very like it didn’t have any bones in its body. Just very weird apparition looking. And then Tear-Eir began to communicate to me telepathically with his hand raised… doing good… the communication.

DW : Where you looking at him, or were you looking at the audience?

CG : I was looking at him. I mean, that got my attention, just like it got the attention of the audience.

DW : Had they seen anything like this before?

CG : No one except for Gonzalez and a very few had seen the Blue Avian. So this was their first encouter with a Blue Avian.  And all of them were there knowing that they were going to have – this was going to be. Everyone else knew why they were there. I was the only one that really didn’t know what was going on. And that’s how , for some reason, that’s how they work. They throw me into situations with me not knowing what’s going on a lot of the time. It’s odd, but I’ve learned to roll with it.

DW : Well, I guess nobody’s heckling you once they showed up.

CG : No. And then at that point, I then was told by Tear-Eir to turn, and introduce, and repeat everything that he said word for word, to make sure I repeated everything word for word, and not to change anything. Everything had to be exactly word for word. So I turned to the audience, and I know I don’t remember exactly what all he had me say in the opening. But then he opened it up for questions. And there were a number of questions. A lot of them were technical. They were things that I didn’t understand what they were asking. Tear-Eir did. And I didn’t understand what I was saying back to them. But there were some interesting questions that I remembered, and when I got home I immediately wrote it down so I’d remember. And I’ve got a list of those if –

DW : Yeah, let’s. If you have something to read, we’d love to hear it.

CG : There was one person that was in uniform, and he asked if the avians were the rumored Ra from the Law of One, which was interesting that they would ask that. And the only response Tear-Eir had me give back was “I am Raw-Tear-Eir.” That was the only answer.

DW : Well as you know, in the Law of One, every answer to every question starts with I am Ra. So that’s pretty obvious.

CG : And so that’s – the person looked a little disappointed with the answer, but it was on to the next one. One of the people that looked like they were more from Earth, that looked very important, very dignified asked why they needed so many spheres, why were there 100 spheres in the solar system, and why do these beings need these larger ships? And Raw-Tear-Eir, or I just call him Tear-Eir, had me reply in this manner. “We require no conveyance. There are far more than 100 spheres that are spaced out equidistantly throughout the solar system. They are what you would best describe as devices and are in place to buffer the tsunami of storms of high charged vibrational energies entering your solar system, so they do not affect your star, planets, and native life in a adverse way as your system enters into this part of the galaxy.”

DW : Wow.

CG : Another person asked, “If you are not living in the spheres, where are you going when you dematerialize?” And his answer was, “Many of us adjust back to our reality while others remain in what you refer to as a cloaked status and observe activities on Earth, and your other colonies, and facilities undetected by those around them.” So they’re out of phase or cloaked. And the others go back to their reality. They’re not hanging out in these spheres. Another person asked, “Why there was an intervention recently after there was a defection of other secret space program groups with actionable intelligence that could have made a major difference and helped them win major victories?” The response to this was info that the various SSP groups understood, but I didn’t at that time. Since, I found out what this was regarding. And his response was, “Since the defections there have been changes in the tactics that have were unsettling. The extremely destructive incidents on Mars and Earth that caused the large loss of life of innocence was a disturbing sign that these new tactics were taking the alliance in a direction where collateral damage of this magnitude was considered acceptable.”

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