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thumbCosmic Disclosure: We Are One
Season 1, Episode 5

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DW: Alright! Welcome to our show. I’m David Wilcock and I’m here with the insider’s insider, Corey Goode. There’s all different levels of classification in this stuff. As you go up the hierarchy, you learn that everybody thinks they know all there is to know, and it’s been truly astonishing over the years to see how – I don’t want to really put my foot in my mouth here – but how ignorant these guys are when they’re being exposed to very cosmic phenomena like stargates and portals and anti-gravity and extraterrestrials that are clearly telepathic and have telekinesis in some cases, that they really don’t get the “big picture”, the spirituality component, the extraterrestrials visitations that made religions in the world. So, Corey, I’ve heard about these spheres coming into our Solar System, from several insiders. This is obviously a really grandiose, big deal. Nobody thought anything of this size would exist. What is your understanding of why these sphere beings have come to our Solar System now? What is it that they want? What are they after?

CG: They’ve been here for quite some time. They’ve been in a non-operational mode. They’ve been, I guess sort of, in observation mode, being that they came in apparently the late ‘80s, and throughout the ‘90s, and then started picking up their numbers around 2011/2012. There was obviously something coming. Something was starting to happen that made them move into an operational mode. It turns out that the Secret Space Programs and even some programs on Earth and the Black Ops programs had been studying a region of space that we were entering in the galaxy and some – what they had called “super waves” coming toward our solar system that were clouds of energetic particles. And, they knew that it was going to directly affect our solar system and our sun. And indeed, we have seen changes in the sun and changes in all the planets, occurring since at least that time period, if not, probably before. And this has been a slow change in the background-energy of our solar system. These are vibratory energy-waves that are ebbing and flowing into our solar system. These spheres, as it turns out, are equidistantly spread out throughout our Solar System, thousands of them, and they’re acting in some sort of a “resonance buffer” that, as these energy-waves are hitting them, they’re vibrating and causing the energy to spread out amongst them in a uniform way to where the energy is not harmful toward life on Earth or causes our sun to lash out and have destructive CMEs and that kind of thing.

DW: Did you ever get shown what the matrix of spheres actually looks like?

CG: It wasn’t laid out for me , but when I’m on the sphere, and I’m being communicated-with through the sphere-wall, you can see the other spheres, off in the distance, equidistantly spread out, and there’s thousands of them.

DW: Do they have a color, or colors?

CG: Well, they appear to be indigo/blue indigo, through the wall of the sphere I’m in. And outside the sphere, you can’t see them. They are out of phase. We would probably pass right through them if we send a probe at them.

DW: One other thing that interests me is, if they’re equidistantly spaced, you said that there’s three sizes, though. There’s the moon. There’s Neptune, and Jupiter. Is it that the bigger ones are closer to the sun, to absorb more energy, or is there a reason why there’s different sizes, if they’re all in the same spacing of each other?

CG: I don’t know why the size difference is. I know that the larger ones are out close to the gas giants. The largest number of them are the moon-sized ones. Those are the ones that are spread out equidistantly. There are a large number of Neptune, and Jupiter-sized ones that seem to be spaced further out towards the gas giants and out further towards the Oort Cloud. And that could be – this is me speculating – larger, medium, and then getting smaller as you go in. It could be some sort of shielding that’s done larger, medium and smaller that has some sort of resonance purpose. But that’s me speculating.

DW: Was there any evidence that these sphere-beings had ever even tried to contact our government at any time in our recent history before when they just showed up recently?

CG: Not directly that I know of. I know that they had told me that three other times in history, they had communicated with humans and given a similar message, and given more detailed information to certain people and that they had turned it into religions and cults and totally distorted the information. But I do not know of any time when they have been directly in contact with the government. During the ‘50s, we were being contacted by a whole array of beings. Some of them were coming to us wanting us to get rid of our nuclear weapons, and delivering a similar “hippie message” that the military people didn’t like. They didn’t want to get rid of nuclear weapons. They wanted to find, to obtain more technologies that they could turn into weapons.

DW: Could you just double-click on that and get a little more into that message? Who were those people that showed up the 1950 and said this?

CG: Well, they was one group that was reported that were described as appearing similar to “The Greys”, and they called them “The Blues”, but they were very tall. That’s the description that I had of them, and they were described as being very “love and hippie”-like. And they tried to warn us about decisions we were making, groups we were getting involved with, and the dangers of nuclear energy and nuclear weapons and the route we were taking. And we, unceremoniously, sent them on their way.

DW: Is the any similarity between “The Blues” and the “Blue Avians” in terms of their message?

CG: It seems that there’s a very close tie-in in their message and their general way of thinking. I wouldn’t go as far to speculate that they are one of the two sphere-beings that haven’t presented themselves. I have no idea who those other two are, but it wouldn’t surprise me if they turned out to be…

DW: What did they claim we would have gained if we gave-up nuclear weapons? Did they want some kind of disclosure?

CG: Yes, they wanted full disclosure. They were prepared to provide peaceful technologies in exchange for us giving-up our militaristic and the way of life that we had at the time, the war. We had just gotten over World War II and we were pushing deeper and deeper into the Cold War. And they saw that as something they wanted to “nip in the bud” and the people that were in control of Earth didn’t want to have anything to do with that path. They wanted to have more power and more weapons, more technology. And there were other beings out there that were happy to give them that.

DW: So, these Blue Avians, they have an agenda that involves what exactly? Why do you think they’re here?

CG: They have given a message that they are not here to be our saviors. They are not here to come down and arrest or remove all the bad guys. They had a message for us, and the message is basically the same as the tenets of a lot of the basic religions on the planet, basically similar to the golden rules. They stated that we should focus, because of the vibratory changes that our solar system is going through, we should focus on raising our vibration and raising our consciousness.

DW: So you think there’s some reason why they chose the avian form, like maybe the feathers and angels, that kind of connection?

CG: I have no idea. I have no idea why they chose the form they did.

DW: Did they tell you that they don’t need to be in that form?

CG: Yes. One of the things they stated when they were answering questions, was that they don’t need any type of conveyance. They don’t need spaceships, they don’t need technology. They’re a consciousness, higher vibratory, higher density type of being. They can change their location by consciousness, just by thinking it so.

DW: You said that when you had the delegation, the first meeting, where you spoke on their behalf, that they just appeared in the room behind you?

CG: Correct.

DW: Is that a normal thing that intelligent civilizations do?

CG: No, normally there’s some sort of technology involved, even if they’re using teleportation.

DW: So, obviously we’re in a tangled area because they’ve chosen you as a messenger and clearly you’re not an average guy. There’s nobody else I know of who’s been willing to come forward who’s been taken up into space. You’ve had this happened your whole life. Did they say anything about why you had such an unusual life? Do you have a connection to them that goes from before?

CG: The avian that I was talking to, Raw-Tear-Eir, he informed me that I came from their soul-group and that I was here for a reason, that I had chosen to be here for a reason.

DW: Did he explain what he meant by soul group?

CG: That there were wanderers and starseeds that were here on the earth that are there for a chosen reason, a chosen purpose and there are a whole lot of different definitions of starseeds and wanderers out there. And in my case, the definition just seemed to be, that at one time, I existed in their plane among them and that unbeknownst to me now, I chose to come here during this lifetime for this purpose. And among the conversations or communications, they said that I needed to make sure that I didn’t present myself as any type of guru or to let my ego get overdeveloped and to make it all about the message, and make sure that none of this develop into a religion. We need to focus on the message and focus on expanding our consciousness and raising our vibrations.

DW: Some people watching this might think that you’re part of this extraterrestrial elite, that some people on Earth are going to have these higher connections and have these group souls, whereas everybody else is just sort of like another useful eater or sheep.

CG: The number of people that are here right now, that are here for a purpose is an astounding number. I heard that back in the ‘80s, it was over 60 million or even more. The number of people that are here that are starseeds, that are wanderers that have not awaken to that, is a huge number. I’m not unique.

DW: Do other people who are not starseeds or wanderers still have some soul themselves?

CG: Yeah, everybody has a soul.

DW: Well, most people don’t know that.

CG: A lot of people are having visitations or contacts by these orbed beings, this is a process of the awakening that’s occurring.

DW: What are some of the other ways these being might be using to awaken people?

CG: Dreams.

DW: What would a dream be that would be, like, an example?

CG: Well, there are a lot of people that are reporting having dreams contact with some of these beings in dreams. They’re having dreams of being in classrooms, just dreams of being in classrooms where they may not consciously remember what they’ve being taught. But they are having memories of being in classrooms with groups of other people. A lot of it’s happening through dreams.

DW: How important is the soul in their message?

CG: Well, the soul and the higher self-connection, that’s most of who we really are. The conscious waking self, the part of us right now having a conversation is a VERY small part of who we actually are. We are a multi-dimensional being. There is so much going on, on many levels. This is my personal outlook on it from my communications with several beings, is that we have our conscious self, we have our subconscious self, and our higher-self, and then the higher-self goes higher and higher until self drops off the equation. Then you just have the higher, until it returns back to source, and source is where we all came from and fragmented from, and are all still connected to in some way. That’s how we are all still ONE.

DW: So, they’re here to teach us this “law of one” principle?

CG: I guess you could say that.

DW: How about people seeing 11:11? Could that be – or whatever synchronicity?

CG: Yeah. Definitely. Those synchronicities – I’ve been seeing those, synchronicities like that for over 30 years. I look up at the clock and see 11:11, see 11:33, 3:33. A lot of that, those synchronisations could be telling you that you’re on the right path or that you are on the awakening path. And if you’re noticing that, I think that’s usually a good sign.

DW: So you said that they explained to you personally that we are all part of some sort of universal mind?

CG: Correct.

DW: Could you get a little bit more into detail? Did they ever give you a visual representation of that? Did they give you thoughts or feelings? How was that information conveyed, and what is the essence of this identity when you say we all come from one source?

CG: Well, they’ve told me we are all one. We all come from Source.

DW: Did they say what that is?

CG: They did not. But ever since I was a kid, I would say strange things. I would say unusual things for a 5 or 6 year old. I would tell my mom that, did you know I used to be you? You used to be me? I used to be grandpa, and he used to be me? And she would look at me and she’d say, well, that’s physically impossible. I would say, no, we’re all the same. We’ve all been each other. And she’d say, well, how can we all be each other at the same time? And I would tell her, time doesn’t matter. Only the experience matters. And it would concern her. And my grandfather and I would have conversations about it. He would humor me and we would have long conversations about it, but they were unusual conversations for a kid of my age to have. But there are a lot of children that have that kind of insight that parents quash when they should be definitely listening to it more and encouraging it.

DW: It seems that in a lot of these other attempts that they made to help us, which you say turned into religions or cults, they keep stressing meditation. Is there a relationship? Did they say anything about meditation and this “universal mind”?

CG: Yes, prayer and meditation are what help you raise your vibration and help you raise your consciousness. So you can do it through prayer or through meditation, and meditation is very important. That’s something you should probably be doing at least an hour a day.

DW: Did they say that specifically?

CG: No, that’s..

DW: That’s just your understanding?

CG: Yeah, that’s my personal opinion. When I’ve focused and put an hour a day in of meditation, I’ve notice a lot more focus and ability to be able to walk this difficult path of being more loving and forgiving and not being reactionary to everything. When we’re caught up in this world, this 9 to 5 world where we become very reactionary and triggered by things. And if we put more time into raising our consciousness through prayer and meditation, that helps give us the tools to become more focused on being on service-to-others and loving and forgiving.

DW: Does that meditative practice help co-create the reality that we live in?

CG: Yes, and I think that’s been proven many times over in experiments that have been.. experiments that are repeatable. One of the ones that you’ve mentioned is the experiment where 7,000 to 10,000 people meditated and brought down the crime level.

DW: Yes, by 72% worldwide.

CG: By 72%. And people that meditate or think loving thoughts on a petri dish with a certain type of yeast or something in it and another one where people have hateful thoughts, and then over a certain amount of days, the difference in the two. It’s repeatable. It’s science. You can’t refute that something is happening. Consciousness is affecting physical reality.

DW: Well. That also is mass hysteria, right? If you get a large group of people and a few people start panicking, the panic could spread.

CG: Right. Humanity has a very wide spectrum of emotions, and that is a blessing and a curse. Once we learn to control and focus those emotions and also focus and get more control over our consciousness, we’re going to be able to have more access to our co-creative mass-consciousness that we all share and we’ll be able to create whatever reality we like. And I know people have heard the concept that everything is vibration – the light, our thoughts, all the physical items around behind us. They may be solid to our perception, but they are all states of vibration. And our consciousness can have an effect on the reality, on actual physical materials. They can have affect on energy, on other people’s thoughts and emotions.

DW: We see these comments showing up on the internet where people are saying, Corey Goode is lulling us into a false sense of security. This is a Cabal Psy-Op where they’re telling us through this messenger they’ve chosen who’s had all these… they’re accusing you of being in secret cults and things. He’s just trying to give us a palliative. He’s just trying to give us a little lollipop, so telling us we can hum it away. How do you answer these critics who are saying the you’re a “pied piper” for the military industrial complex leading us into a false sense of security so they can just swoop right in and take us over?

CG: I do not know many negative forces that are putting out this type of message of love and forgiveness and raising you vibration and becoming more aware of the negative forces to be able to get out from under them. The negative forces don’t want you to shine a light on them and become aware of them. They want to hide in obscurity, and I’m definitely not making them happy by shining lights on some of their activities.

DW: People think that they need to tell us the truth so they have to hide out in the open. It’s part of their magic.

CG: It is.

DW: Okay.

CG: That’s how they use our co-creative consciousness against us right now and they’ve hidden the science. In science, they realized that if you observe a certain scientific experiment, observing it will change the outcome. And there’s been a lot of studies into that, and they’ve hidden that and they don’t talk about it. They don’t want us to know about our co-creative conscious abilities because they use those as a tool against us. So, if by us liberating our consciousness, we are taking away a tool that negative forces use to enslave us. We have the tool to liberate ourselves.

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