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The following are the excerpts given by Archangel Michael and Sananda from the previous radio show.

Additional conversation and information from the 5/29 show can be accessed by listening to the archives on

We offer this transcription to allow you to follow on in coming radio shows that will expand on these topics and more, as we move through this final length going into the new era we have all anticipated.

Archangel Michael:
Hello, hello everyone. Yes, I am your brother Michael. We are in huge celebration of this worldwide gathering today which represents the meeting of so many groups participating in an all-out unified global effort that we up here in the COH are indeed calling the last length of this phase. This effort is to raise the energies once and for all and push the beginning of the programs over the line. Let’s get this party started, once and for all!

Now, behind the scenes, work has continued, progress has continued. We are talking about the same things you are talking about. “Let’s see the beginning of the programs, out in the open for all.” Beginning with the RV, the GCR, NESARA, GESARA, the Announcements, which include everything from the release of free energy and healing technologies to the abolition of false taxation, fiat currencies. The implementation of the shiny, transparent, authentic governments and governances laying in place just beneath the crumbling old systems. It is happening. We are here first to assure you of that, and to say – this marks the turning point.

Hear these words fresh. Receive the energies I am transmitting along with the words, and you will feel what the Company of Heaven is up to. We are very much intending that this be the final push so that we may all begin to enjoy the beginning as it unfolds and flowers through the programs that we have long awaited. I am going to give you a few helpful tools, so strap your tool belt on, and then Sananda is going to come and show you how to use them.

What is a Thought?
I want to talk about “What is a thought?” You are senior Lightworkers, Spiritual Warriors one and all. If you are listening to this program, you have contemplated, “What is a thought?” because you have heard time and time again, “Choose your thoughts. That is how you create.” It’s true, it is that simple, but what is a thought?

Once Christine decided to contemplate this in deep meditation until she gained understanding once and for all. Well, she contemplated it for three days straight so after three days we sent in some extra help. Ok, imagine this – what Christine saw. She started to see bubbles, bubbles floating from her mind, floating in space. The space they were floating in you might call the famous “space between.” Well, what is that? It is pure potential; it is the field of pure Creativity, the place where Creation may arise. So, out from Christine came these bubbles, and so she followed them. She realized that if she saw a bubble that made her laugh, the bubble would move faster. Well, this was pretty clever and creative, and she began playing with it, and pretty soon she decided to put an arrow with a tethered line and she sent it, (sound: ZZZZZzzzzt) far out in front of her.

Where is that, far in front of her? Well, it just so happens to be the future. When you launch a thought, ZZZZZZzzzzt, out into the future, there is an energy string that tethers it to you. So now you have sent out a thought. Let’s say the thought is “I want the RV to begin!” Let’s make it as simple as possible, because that’s how thoughts work best. Let’s leave out the “I want” and just make it “The RV begins.” So, that’s our thought. We all send it out into the future: ZZZZZZzzzzzzt. We don’t care where it lands; in fact, that’s not something we pick when we are incarnated on Earth. I say we because I have been incarnated plenty – don’t let them tell you otherwise. So when we are in a human body and we send out a thought, and if we have no other thought that interferes with it, that thought will pull us through space and time to it. In this case it is the RV.

Now let’s say you have that thought and you send it out (ZZZZzzzzzt..I like doing that) and let’s say it lands and then you have another thought: “The Global Currency Reset, the RV, maybe it’s a scam after all. Maybe it’s not going to happen.” Uh oh. Look far left. You just sent that thought out in a totally different direction. It doesn’t support the first thought, so out it goes, and now you are creating in two different places.

Now, which thought are you going to focus on? What is focus? Focusing is choosing the thought you really want, and that’s all… Now let that sink in….Focus isn’t just like a camera action – it is that, and it is keeping your intention, your attention, desires, your thoughts and feelings on the thought you want to be so, without also creating a bunch of sideshows with your other thoughts. That’s just as important, if not more so.

If you just sent out that first thought once and you really meant it, without any conflicting thoughts, it would be guaranteed to happen. So, we send out “The RV is happening” and out it goes. Now if you have other thoughts: “I am already prosperous.” (ZZZZzzzzt), yes, it falls right in alignment with the thought of the RV happening. Same energy, meaning, intention, so it is widening the stream – the energetic stream you may travel down to that original thought. Gratitude, all the qualities of Love, Faith – they all widen the stream of getting to that future thought.

Choosing Your Feelings
We have also said many times you can and should choose your thoughts – yes, I used the word should. You are Masters…and by now you can, should, and my goodness, by now your Missions are unified in bringing about Light on Earth, and so you must be choosing your feelings. Choosing your thoughts, and now, choosing your feelings. Feelings are one of those bubbles coming from you, imbued with your life force.

Now, we’re saying that the RV is happening. The RV is the simple action that we’re looking forward to – the moment when everything in the outer reality changes, all the way. It’s the beginning domino in the next phase that will bring in the New Golden Age on Earth.

All right, now, let’s go to our example: The thought that the RV is happening: you now imbue that bubble, that thought, with your excitement, your Faith, your feeling, your intention and your life force. What is your life force? That is Mother and Father running through you. Then you send it out with your intention, and out goes the arrow, so strong and sure. That is choosing your thoughts and feelings. Refusing to choose something else. Not to allow yourself to choose self-pity, to allow yourself to fall into a pit of despair, that is part of your Mastery – to choose every thought, every feeling.

Now, there is some thought garbage floating around Earth right now. We have talked about it, haven’t we? It’s the frequency, the dark cabalian psychic networks and so on. However, it is up to you whether you choose to take on that thought or not. There are plenty of thoughts floating around out there in bubbles that are not yours, not coming from you. Perhaps they are coming from someone across the room. Perhaps it is something from the media, on TV. You do not have to choose to make it your own – that causes destruction when you do, if it is not a thought or a feeling that is yours, because it is not in alignment with your own choices and the Mission of restoration of Light on Earth that you are here to see to. This is quite literal, choosing your thoughts and feelings in a much more practical way.

Now I am going to talk about capacity. Capacity is the ability you have to hold Light, to be Love, in all conditions, all circumstances. That is your capacity, and everyone’s capacity is different, based on so many different factors. This is going to sound strange probably. What your capacity is, is much less important than your choice to expand your capacity. What I mean is this: Let’s say there is someone with a tremendous capacity – an embodied Master who in even terrible circumstances has the capacity to to fill each moment with the Love that they are. Let’s say there is someone with a far less capacity. They are struggling with a job, they feel crushed on a daily basis, they are overwhelmed with their family obligations. They lose their temper easily.

Their capacities to live within the Light are different, based on experience, soul standing, and many other factors. However, what levels the playing field, what makes them just the same, is if the Master who has the tremendous capacity to carry Light makes the choice to expand even beyond what they currently can do, can be.

Now we are going to talk about how to expand it in a minute, but let’s go to the other person who is feeling crushed by life, who is angry at their family, hates their job and is acting-out upset… Let’s say in a single instance they also choose to increase their capacity to hold Light, by something so simple – instead of yelling at their child, they take a minute and give them a tickle, instead of being impatient they take a deep breath and offer a small kindness. Instead of being impatient with themselves they decide to be kind to themselves. All of those are a choice to expand.  It makes them exactly the same as the Master.

It doesn’t matter where your capacity lies. What is needed on Earth right now is to choose to expand your capacity. That is how we lift this Earthly experience from suffering, debt slavery, torture and war, into the New Golden Age. You choose to increase your capacity.

All right, let’s get right to it, because I know you are now champing… You want to know, “How do I increase my capacity? Give it to us, Michael. I want to know…I’m a Lightworker, I’m on it, I want it.”   It is just as simple as I have already said. When you’re up against your tough moments, wherever that edge is. For some of you, you are so patient and loving, one more thing happens and it’s just too much, with all that you carry. You may feel yourself get tight, or cold, or angry or sad, and you catch yourself in that moment.

Now I’m not saying – if you are sad, you are sad, because something is genuinely sad – It’s not a failure to feel the experiences of Earth. What you can do, what increases your capacity, is to choose Love instead when you catch yourself being angry, when you catch yourself being distracted, instead, you choose to laugh a little bit, (laughing) and say, “It’s okay.” You just soften the moment a little. You let Love in, you change your thoughts, “It’s okay, no big deal, I’ll get it next time.” It can be something so very small, yet it can be the most important spiritual work you can contribute, for yourself and your personal Ascension and for the globe.

Ok, more ways to increase your capacity. Here in the higher realms we just call it expansion. The expansion happens when we choose what we think, feel, say and do, dream, imagine, intend, and when that has to do with any of the qualities of Love – Patience, kindness, laughter. Laughter is one of the fastest ways to increase your capacity to hold Light and Love.

Laughter is a 5th dimensional quality. It is a gift from God to the lower dimensions. When you truly laugh you are in the 5th dimension for that moment. Also gratitude, true gratitude, genuine gratitude. Kind of just saying, “Well, this is really harsh. This is really hard.” Kathryn and Christine use this one a lot in their recent assignments, transmuting so much toxic energy, knowing it’s their assignment and they are glad they are capable of doing it. They have trained, they have each other and they have you, and you’ve got them. But… it’s just waking up every day and then just saying what is so at that moment: “This transmuting is really physically tough. I’m exhausted. My body hurts.” And then just being grateful: “Boy, I’m grateful to be alive. I’m grateful I have you in my life. I’m so grateful for Mother and Father’s love.”

Whatever you can find – your child’s smile, your pet’s cuddle – that you are truly grateful for, you are expanding your capacity forever to hold Love and Light. The expansion of your ability, of your capacity is cumulative and permanent. There’s no backsliding. You may choose thoughts that temporarily sink you down low, but your actual capacity to hold Light is never diminished once it is increased.

You Are All Expanding Past Your Capacity
Right now, I will tell you this: Lightworkers around the world are working far past their capacity. You are working past your actual capacity, thereby expanding your capacity all the time right now.   In planning this phase of the Restoration Project of returning Earth to the Light, we knew that this phase might get tough, and in the planning committees, at the planning tables before you came into this life, we all agreed if we hit this tough spot, we were all just going to go ahead and dig in, and our teams would help us, giving us the experiences, the knowledge, the steadfast inner peace, the sacred fire, whatever it would take to operate beyond our capacity to love, thereby increasing our capacity to hold Light, thereby contributing to the upliftment of our own Ascension and Earth.

There it is. Sananda is going to talk about Faith. It is of course a profound way to increase your capacity to hold Light. There is not much better than listening to Sananda and Kathryn talk about Faith. They will continue on.

Right now I want to acknowledge the billions of Galactic beings focusing with you.   All of them as we are together right now, are increasing   They are increasing their capacity to Love, by placing their attention on you, all of you, it fills them with tenderness. They are all in awe of your courage, of your steadfast devotion at this important time on Earth, to choose Love all the time in the face of so much. It is their admiration and joy  and awe for you that is increasing their capacity as they listen in on this call, as they join in in their focus for the dream of Earth to be free.

Now I will pass the talking stick to Kathryn. On behalf of billions of your Galactic family members, we devote ourselves to increasing our capacity to hold the light right alongside you.     We send you our love, and we thank you. I am your brother Michael.

Channeled by Christine, 5/29/16. Transcribed by Kathryn

(Kathryn and Meg comment on Michael’s beautiful message, talk about listeners’ photos and other topics, and Meg introduces Sananda)

Thank you, dear Meg!  Well, what a day this is!  It’s a beautiful, sunshiny day here in upstate New York where we are.  The Family is all gathered around and breathing the fresh air and the breezes, and every once in a while when someone says something especially interesting you will hear the bells ring.  Those are the chimes that are stirred by the wind.

We are here especially to help you see beyond, to see what’s possible, and not just what’s coming for all of you.  That would just be an information call.   You know, we have talked to you a lot about what NESARA is and what the RV is, and what it is going to look like, but now we are going to focus all of us together, on seeing not just – like Michael describes shoot the arrow out and create the RV beginning.  We are going to shoot our arrow all the way out into the Golden Age so that we see beyond the RV.

And now, as we finish this last lap we are not going to collapse on the finish line and think that this is all done, now we are going out to spend money.  This is not what the RV was intended to be.  It is the beginning.  It would be like trying to take the water away from the waterfall by dipping it with your cup.

The RV will simply be the beginning of a tremendous upliftment, and now it is our responsibility, all of us, yours, mine, the COH, the folks in the Family, everyone here and especially all of you Lightworkers who are so tuned in.  We are not just going to finish this race, we are going to keep flying past the first finish line to what you may feel now is truly unknown – because it is. We can project what possibilities we see in the future, but it always depends on all of us together feel when we run across that finish line.  What choices do we make then? What feelings do we have then? What vision do we have of what we want for our extended future?  The one that unfolds in front of us – RV and beyond.

So stay with me as we walk together into this beautiful story, the story of Planet Earth and her Ascension.  Now, there have been planets that have ascended before.  There have been groups of people who have ascended, but no one has done it the way you are doing it, the way we are doing it here.  We are working hand in hand with you, you are working hand in hand with each other and Terra is right there in the mix, working with all of you.

We have the Agarthans who are knocking at your door, just waiting to come and show you how much they have been supporting and helping you.  You have your Arcturian teams who are working full out. This hard work that the Transmuters and Lightbearers and all of you have been doing has required a lot of help from your Medical Teams.  I was just taking Kathryn’s temperature a few minutes ago.  She was feeling very dizzy and there is still the cabalian attack as Michael has called it and Christine calls it. They are stabbing at our channels here.  Christine calls it the ice pick in the head.  Kathryn feels like her heart is being stabbed over and over.  They don’t like what we are doing here.  They would like to try to stop it.  They were trying to make Kathryn pass out, so she could not bring my words.  Well, she didn’t, and I am here, we are here.  So it gives you an idea of how close we are and how important this is.  It has been a big push for a long time, but this project is bearing fruits.

Using the Expansion Tool Belt
Now, I love the way Michael described the tool belt and the tools that you are going to use to expand and to carry on through this.  So let’s just walk together into this future and as we do, we are going to use these examples that Michael has so vividly given us and really envision it, with all the power of our combined imagination, feelings and will.  And you know, Mother and Father are 100% behind us on this and blessing every moment that we are working together.

So come with me, we walk together.  Picture it as a wide, wide boulevard and we can all move in together in our light bodies, we can picture this.  We don’t need room.  We feel the sense of being together so joyfully, so exquisitely as this Family that is sitting around the living room has been feeling for the past few days.  The joy of being in synchrony.  A whole group of people in synchrony is a glorious thing.

This is what we are going to do.  We are going to focus so that every one of us is on the wavelength.  And you will feel it.  It really is like surfing, like riding a wave.  And we are all riding the same wave, and it is a joyful, companionable, happy feeling.  The project itself is joyful.  To think about what we are doing is so joyful.  And then we add to it the sense of, we are sending out our arrows and we are going to do this all together.  And when we do, we are going do it in a very clever way.  We are going to take our whole quiver full of arrows and we are gonna shoot them all at once.

And we are going to send them out and each one of you is going to choose a favorite dream.  It does not have to be basic like the RV is happening, or the 800 numbers have just been sent out – all that is fine too! But also focus on: “I know what joy I am going to feel when I am able to give a gift to someone I love and it is going to allow them to go to college, or it is going to allow them to have a lovely, clean, comfortable house, with no more struggles to pay the bills! Or I am going to allow a child to no longer have to miss school because they have to help their family.  And the joy that that is going to bring me, I can already taste it!”

So together – I am going to count down from three – and you are going to look out, into this vision of the Golden Age that we are creating together.  And there are milestones along the way.  There is the beginning of the RV, there is the GCR, the Global Reset of Currencies. There is the proclamation of NESARA which will begin in the US and move across the planet.  There will be prosperity programs that you haven’t even yet heard about.  There will be Disclosure.  You will begin to hear about what’s really happened on this planet, having to do with your Galactic brothers and sisters, who they really are, what they are really here for and beyond that the Landings, the Mentors who are coming to teach you about your history.

Picture all of it, unfolding before you!  It’s not that one thing begins and another thing ends.  All these things will be melding together and flowing and building, and as each event occurs there is a wave of energy around it and it is cumulative.  So see it building, increasing, rising.  The light becoming brighter, the joy filling the air, filling your Self.  The relief and happiness that families will feel at being free, when their parents who have been working so hard can spend time with them.  All those things! See the events that are dear to you.  Especially to you!  Not just global events, not just a date on a calendar.  Not just one focus, but all of it unfolding as a true Golden Age.

That means every single person will be uplifted.  Every single person, every human being.  No person will be left behind.  No one will be unaffected by this!  Now imagine all of that joy.  I am going to count down right now from three to one.  And when I do, you are going to shoot your bubble out there to your favorite spot and beyond and picture, each of you picture the time line that you wish to see.  In this way we are not going to forget anything, or anybody, because everyone will be participating.  Everyone will be seeing the beautiful future that they wish for.

Now, all together: three, two, one, send it out!  Send your vision, send your thoughts, your feelings, your laughter, your joy!  See it!  And see how everyone is laughing! There is a reality that is receiving your gift of vision, and you are bringing yourself to it.  Now bask in that!  You have a simple word in English: “future.”  It doesn’t begin to describe what we are talking about!  What we are talking about is multi-dimensional, because every single person involved creates a reality of their own.  And all the Galactics, the billions of Galactics, the billions of other races who are here to help and observe and enjoy and celebrate – all together we Create!

What Faith Is
And so when we have said to you, it is already a matter of fact, it has already been created, well, we together have just added the coloring, the flavors, the joy for more and more and more people.  You see how vivid it is.  It could not but happen!  It has to happen.  We have all created it.  Now enjoy! Picture yourself in that picture.  See yourself down this road that we are walking and know, with such conviction and sureness that you are there!  You are creating this!  You are living this!

Now this, Beloved Ones, is Faith.  Knowing that this is a heavenly project.  Mother and Father are with us, blessing us.  It has been prophesied long ago that this enormously joyful and difficult event would be.  And here we are!  Many of you have kept doing your assignments, asking for more.  Sometimes in the beginning when you started, thinking about being of service and joining the Ascension Project, you may have spoken to God, you may have said: “God, I want to help out! I want to be part of this!” That was the day you became a full-fledged welcome member of a team.

Now, you choose your team, depending of what your talents and abilities are.  You fall into place with others who are eager and joyful and sometimes tired and sometimes might question: “Oh, I am not sure that this is really happening!” And those of you that say: “We know, we know that this is happening.  I know in my heart.  I don’t have to see it.  I don’t have to see the statistics.  I don’t have to be told that CBS is producing a program to prove that it is actually happening.  I know it in my heart, because I feel it!”

That, Dear Ones, is Faith!  And the more you experience that, the more you agree between you and yourself to simply jump in with both feet and say: “I have decided. I have just decided this is where I will put my energy.  This is where I am going to put (my energy), this is where my heart leads me.  This is where I want to be, with the people who are doing this side by side.  I believe in this!  It rings so true in my heart that it is impossible for me to doubt it!” That is absolute Faith!

Many of you have grown so beautifully in that area over months or years.  You are increasing your Faith and therefore your capacity.  You are increasing your commitment and you have gotten to the point where you will say: “I am not even going to entertain the idea that this isn’t going to happen, because I know if I do that I will slow it down.  I know if I start questioning and doubting, that I am actually working against the success of this beautiful – what shall we call it? – glorious, it doesn’t begin to describe the light and the color and the joy that we see ahead of us!”

So, kicking your feet in the dirt and saying: “It’s just never happened before, so it’s not gonna happen again!” That would be – as Michael said – shooting an arrow right into the heart of the project that our beloved Lightworkers have worked so hard to create.  So instead, take my hand, link arms and throw your weight, your thinking, your feeling, your energy into this glorious river that is flowing faster and faster every day and every time someone leaps in and says: “I am in, count me in!  I want to be a Lightworker!  I want to be the Light!  Join me Sananda, I am gonna do this with you!”  Every time you do that you increase the speed and the Light that moves us all forward.

And as we move forward faster and faster, every moment matters more and more and more.  Every thought matters more.  Every feeling is amplified.  A lot of you are feeling it.  You know how fast things are moving.  Well that is a good thing, dear friends.  It’s the sign that all the things that you have dreamed of are really there!  Now see it, they are really here.  Some of you are already living it.  You are in joy and in peace.  You are emanating Light.

I am looking across the room at someone who is beaming at me, and she is emanating fifth-dimensional Light and above.  She is living her dream and nothing is going to stop her.  And here are the bells ringing! (Laughing) Yes!  Thank you, Mother and Father!  Now, you have a vision.  You have the tool belts, you have the dream.  There is nothing more you need.  You just need to stick the landing as they say and keep on moving.  So yes, we see the RV as clear as the nose on your face, as some people used to say.  We see beyond and it is a glorious picture –  all the more glorious for how many share it.

It is such a pleasure talking with all of you.  I thank you all for your hard work, for your determination.  You are a wonder!  All of you.  We agreed when you came here that you would accomplish certain things, but so many of you have gone so far beyond.  Expanding and expanding joyfully to do more than you ever thought you were capable of. And believe you me, I see it, Mother and Father see it, we all see it and we are so exuberant and so joyful.

How Mother and Father Look at Us
Mother and Father have a way of looking at all of us.  They look at us (in higher dimensions) the same way.  They look at us adoringly and even for us it can be a little, well, I can’t say, it is not uncomfortable, it is fabulous, but even looking at Mother and Father and seeing how they gaze upon us so adoringly, with such respect and admiration, it’s breathtaking, and we see them looking at you that way, with such pleasure and respect and gratitude for the way you are conducting yourselves, for the way you are building this together, for the creation of this beautiful dream.

And I feel the same way.  Michael is looking at all of you with that same look.  It’s the gaze of absolute, unconditional Love.  Please accept it from us!  Please take it in, absorb it!  And you will grow and expand so that you can pass that on as well.  And at every turn you will be able to gaze upon the people around you with respect and admiration and Love.  This is how we create the new Golden Age!
I am your Sananda and I love you unconditionally!
Namaste everyone!

Channeled by Kathryn, transcribed by Thomas Schramli

Next on the radio show, Kathryn channeled a blessing from Mother, dedicating Earth as a “No-Shame Zone.”

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With Love and dedication to our shared Dream,
Kathryn and Christine

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