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Quella di questa Domenica alle ore 16:55 Italiane e’ una delle piu’ importanti meditazioni collettive per la liberazione del pianeta degli ultimi mesi. Abbiamo bisogno di piu’ persone possibile che partecipano, per raggiungere la massa critica di 144.000

Potete vedere il link sotto per le informazioni generali su questo evento.

Sono anche stati fatti dei video descrittivi in 23 lingue, quello in Italiano puo’ essere visualizzato qui sotto.

E qui la meditazione guidata.

Vittoria della Luce !


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Video, Meditazione per la Liberazione Eterica.   Leave a comment

Video per la Meditazione di Liberazione Eterica sono stati creati in 25 lingue. Rendeteli virali, diffondete attraverso le vostre reti per aiutarci a raggiungere la massa critica!

Abbiamo bisogno di altre traduzioni, specialmente Hindi, Bengali, Punjabi e Swahili. Per favore inviare le vostre traduzioni a e i video verranno creati nella vostra lingua e postati qui.


English (audio guided meditation without background information, meditazione guidata senza le informazioni generiche):




















Chinese (traditional):


David Wilcock and Corey Goode: Revealing the Five Alliance Groups — CLE 2017 Notes: Part 1   Leave a comment


David Wilcock and Corey Goode: Revealing the Five Alliance Groups — CLE 2017 Notes: Part 1

(Stillness in the Storm Editor) David Wilcock and Corey Goode appeared at the Consciousness Life Expo event this year in Los Angeles, California. The following are a series of notes from this talk.
This is the first of a four-part series of notes from the CLE event. It is not an exact transcript nor is every point raised listed below.

Notes provided by Patricia Sullivan.

For a more complete overview of the Secret Space Program and Sphere Being Alliance, see the following.

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For recent updates go to and Additionally, much of the information presented during the CLE event is also rendered in the two series, Cosmic Disclosure and Wisdom Teachings.

For commentary related to the information presented by Goode and Wilcock, see the Cosmic Disclosure Summary and Analyses series.

– Justin

Notes from Friday, February 10th, 2017:
Revealing the Five Alliance Groups

Dave Wilcock Introduction:

Gaia TV is hiring, 20 plus positions, check on

Thank you to all who prayed for healing of Corey when he fell ill and went to the in hospital.

Today’s talk is a summary of Corey’s experience interspersed amongst David’s history.


David’s Early History and Evidence of Non-Terrestrial Activity on the Moon:

In 1993, he learned of the planned slow release of advanced technology/hidden technology through college professor who had worked at NASA.
Other influences were Richard C. Hoagland and Mars photos; physical evidence of structures on the surface; air brushing of photos; evidence of glass shards/structures.
Corey added that ships/crafts are also left on surface of the Moon by ET groups as reminders of past wars, seeding the consciousness by allowing exposure of evidence. But NASA redacts it likely as part of partial disclosure. Even comics of space travel to the Moon in the 1970’s were part of seeding of consciousness.



Square shaped crater on the Moon (bottom left).


Image of peculiar structure on the Moon.


Image of luminous object on the Moon (center and bottom right). Photoshopped image from NASA (bottom left).


Lunar glass suggesting catastrophic events of the past (appears as black spots in filtered images).


Raw images of strange object on the Moon.


Composite image of same object, suggesting it is not natural in origin.


What appears to be a set of pillars or obelisks on the Moon. Shadow lengths of objects suggest they are hundreds of feet tall.


Russian artist depicts obelisk site on the Moon for a magazine.


Comic book depicting UFO discoveries on the Moon, an example of disclosure through fiction.


Comic book depicting obelisks on the Moon, another example of disclosure through fiction.

The Law of One Material:

  • In 1996, David came upon the Law of One. The Law of Free Will is upheld throughout universe.
  • Corey commented on correlation with Blue Avian cosmology/densities, saying that the densities are embedded or enfolded within each other. [Density in Law of One describes a concentration of consciousness or how spiritually active a being is. For more on this see Understanding Service to Other (STO), Service to Self (STS), the Seven Densities of Consciousness, the Astral and Etheric Planes, and more — by Tom Montalk.]
  • NASA study of Earth-like planets (2013); 10 quadrillion intelligent civilizations, which matches the Law of One cosmology.
  • The vast majority of ETs are benevolent, supported by anecdotal accounts and contacts, insiders, and historical data. The Law of One also says most civilizations in the cosmos are positively oriented.
  • Prevalence of pyramid- and obelisk-like structures throughout the universe, on moons and planets. These ruins were created by what is called the Ancient Builder Race that originated on Venus 2.6 billion years ago, as revealed by the Law of One and confirmed by Corey.
  • Corey was taken to one of the Ancient Builder sites on Venus, where he met a Sentinel and saw some working ancient builder technology. He also he had a download of information that he received from the Sentinel, but he has not as of yet been able to access this information. He saw glyphs and writings of this civilization when he was on Venus.
  • The ruins from this race are scattered throughout the solar system and local star cluster. In most cases, the writings and insignia have been rubbed out, overwritten by those groups who took over the sites when the Ancient Builders left our density eons ago.
    Corey says there is a galactic Stargate in our part of galaxy, making our solar system very valuable.
  • Stargates are not like they are depicted in the popular movie and TV series. They are not two dimensional-surfaces but three-dimensional spheres. There is a “mirage-like” effect that is visible, similar to the surface of water. What often happens, is personnel and equipment are positioned around the portal, which opens, and people begin moving toward the center.
  • In one instance, Goode saw large steel beams bisected by the portal, which seemed to break the beam into two pieces, sucking them in like spaghetti. The beams would appear on the other side in one piece, as if nothing had happened.
  • David discussed a different theory of universe creation. That it is not a big bang situation as we have been told. But instead, a geometric form called the Amplituhedron that is what all space and time is derived from. This is related to sacred geometry/the Creator and resembles Tibetans/ancient cultural images.


  • David suggests this model of the Amplituhedron is rendered in images from antiquity, but in the complete form of a Merkaba.
  • The Law of One describes the Orion group (Corey adds they are the Draco plus others reptoids). He says they look similar to the reptilian-like character in the movie Jupiter Ascending (without the tail); disclosure through fiction of a subservient race of reptilians and the caste system of the Draco alliance.


Image Source. Reptilian guard from the film Jupiter Ascending.

The Dark Fleet:

  • Corey stated the Dark Fleet emerged out of the Secret Space Program when the Nazi breakaway civilization joined with the Reptilians. The Alliance emerged out of a set of telepathic communications. William Tompkins has corroborated this in his book Selected by Extraterrestrials.
  • Memory-wiping technology involving the use of screen or false memories has been used on people from Earth when they have had contact with the Dark Fleet or other non-terrestrials.

Mind-Control Technology Disrupted by Incoming Energy:

  • The Draco mind-control technology is not working as well as it used to. They have had this technology in orbit around Earth but it has been disrupted by the energy waves that have been coming in from the galaxy. They have turned up the technology that has also triggered some people but it is at the maximum setting. [This suggests the awakening currently unfolding can’t be stopped.]
  • Full Disclosure will be traumatic for society, but evolution happens through stress, so we won’t need just tiny bits of information over decades.

The 5 factions in the Secret Space Program:

  • Solar Warden was to monitor and interact with those who came in to the solar system, like an air traffic control. William Tompkins worked on some of the craft that Solar Warden employed during Goode’s time in the twenty-and-back program.
  • ICC/Interplanetary Corporate Conglomerate is a conglomerate of military industrial complex contractors that is involved in the exploitation of space and resources and materials found therein. They are actively trading with over 900 non-terrestrial groups. The technology produced is considered some of the best in the galaxy. Trade is used instead of money; the exchange of technology and resources, such as biological material, human beings, art, and so on, are traded with other groups.
  • GGLN/Global Galactic League of Nations developed after the SSP was discovered by different Earth nations. It was offered to keep them quiet by making them think that they were involved in the SSP.
  • MIC SSP/Military Industrial Complex Secret Space Program is a lower level part of the space program although they have been told that they are the top of the program. They are “lower level” because they literally operate close to the Earth, using NRO low-Earth orbit space stations. They are also one of the most heavily compartmentalized groups, possessing the least knowledge of the upper level aspects of the SSP.
  • The Earth Alliance is a breakaway conglomerate of people from all of these programs. The Earth Alliance is made up of surface groups also working to end Cabal rule. This group of many different factions on Earth has agreed to partial disclosure and are moving forward with that agenda now.
  • The Sphere Being Alliance and Secret Space Program Alliance are the only groups pushing for full disclosure. They are in the minority at this point, but Goode feels that ultimately partial disclosure is not possible anymore due to the sheer volume of full disclosure information already in the public domain. However, there is still a lot of work to do to actively bring about a full disclosure scenario.

Related Boeing’s “You Just Wait” Ad Reveals 100 Year Partial Disclosure Timeline — Analysis | Disproving Partial Disclosure, Insider Testimony, and Steering Collective Consciousness Toward the Full Disclosure Timeline

  • Goode was told by Raw-Teir-Eir that we need to share this information, especially the philosophy of servicing others and forgiving ourselves, outside of this community as the people are primed to receive it—especially the Blue Avian message to the masses. Goode feels that this is of prime importance right now. [As an aside, the problem of sharing this information with others is that they can often be triggered by certain ideas, words or phrases. But we need not share everything all at once. For example, the altruistic overtones of the Blue Avian message for humanity can be presented in many ways, such as in parable or allegory, bypassing the close-minded programming of the masses. Almost everyone can recognize the logic of altruism, self-forgiveness, and mastery as beneficial. In this way, the core concepts that are arguably the most important part of the Sphere Being Alliance message can be transmitted to the masses. In other words, we need not focus on the nuts and bolts aspect of the story like ET races, government conspiracy, and so on, to impart consciousness upliftment to our fellows. This is a form of ideational or principle truth sharing, wherein deep truths are shared divorced of specifics that trigger close-mindedness.]

Features of Mars:

  • Most of the structures on Mars are completely destroyed, strewn about like on Earth archeological sites.
  • The SSP has teams of workers that go out and comb through the sands to see what they can find.
  • Sometimes there are valuable things discovered, but due to the destruction of the super-Earth, now the asteroid belt, Mars was ravaged and much of the artifacts left there are unusable.

Related Scientist concludes: There is Evidence of Ancient Nuclear Weapons on Mars

Mars Visit and Blue Avians:

  • Corey described his trip to Mars with Gonzales and ICC big wig. On that trip they recovered a family of a breakaway worker that had defected to the Alliance—a data point that Goode had previously not disclosed until now.
  • Corey described his first contact with Blue Avians during the early part of 2015 and the first transport in a Dart (a small triangular craft about the size of a van) to the Lunar Operations Command. This is the meeting he has described in the past where Teir-Eir spoke through him to the SSP Alliance Council for the first time. A Triangle Head being was also there.
  • The mandate of SSP Alliance is to disclose the whole truth to all people, (i.e. full disclosure).

Sphere Being Alliance:

  • In 1980s giant spheres started appearing in our solar system, planet-sized objects around the sun were spotted in NASA SOHO imagery, named sun cruisers.
  • The Cabal thought it was the return of their Sumerian gods.
  • Hundreds of spheres lined up equidistant throughout the solar system but did not respond to hailing signals from the SSP.
    The Blue Sphere transports Corey uses to go from his home to other locations are not the usual way people are transported in SSP.
  • In 2011, Goode and Gonzales started to receive contact from the Blue Avians in dreams, using a very precise protocol that can be used to verify genuine contact.
  • At this time David was already on Gaia. Corey was outed in late 2014 and began coming forward using his real name in 2015.
  • David described a telepathic contact he had when he asked if Raw-Teir-Eir was the Ra from the Law of One. He was told three times to go outside where he saw a big double rainbow. He concluded they are the same group from the Law of One that is also the Ancient Builder Race and have come back as The Guardians in these giant Blue Spheres to attenuate the energy coming through the sun.

Related Sphere Beings, Guardians and Ancient Builder Race Connections to Thoth and the Law of One | Secret Negotiations over Disclosure of Extraterrestrial Life & Inner Earth Civilizations
2012 and the Earth Changes

  • Corey says 2012 did happen; we just got it all wrong. It was when the spheres started entering our solar system.
  • The solar event/solar flash will still happen but it is now in the range 2018 to 2024—an updated time window from the SSP Alliance. The spheres are acting to modulate the Sun from being too bright.
  • When the Earth has the flash, a giant aurora borealis around Earth could occur, according to David’s sources. It will look like a rainbow earth, as if the rainbow body of the planet has been activated. The third secret of Fatima, as per David, is an allegorical fable of a torrent of rain falling from the sky, wherein after the event, everyone emerges dry. This symbolically depicts the washing away of sin and negativity, a depiction of an ascension event.

Inner-Earth Civilizations:

  • Inner-Earth beings are 4th density.
  • Corey was brought down to Inner Earth several times. In the past these groups had approached people on the planet as non-terrestrials or gods. One of the groups is known as the Anshar Alliance, where the priestess Karee is from. Goode and this priestess have formed a deep bond, and she continues to offer guidance and assistance to this day.
  • Corey has been protected and permitted to speak out because there is a spiritual law that says “you can’t shoot the Red Cross workers,” according to David. [That is to say, if one is following their spiritual mission, honoring the truth, servicing others truly, they are protected from interference from negative forces. But, such individuals are still subject to the karma they create for themselves.]
  • There are seven different inner-Earth groups, each with a unique background, but all decidedly human looking.
  • The food in the inner-Earth is grown in a crystal substrate.
  • Light is created using sound and there is also an obelisk that produces light for the nature preserve there.
  • There is a library of documents/tablets/scrolls/books from ancient time to present day within the inner-Earth city.
  • Inner-Earth beings are able to telepathically send us images and ideas to help us. Goode says if you have a moment of random inspiration, it could have come from this group or others with a similar mission.
  • New images of what Corey saw when Kar-ee gave him a tour of the cities with advanced technology, to be released soon on
  • Different groups have taken Earth beings down into the inner-Earth when the planet has gone through major changes. Other groups like the reptoids/insectoids also brought down survivors to protect their genetic programs.
  • There is infrastructure inside the inner-Earth, as well as in the solar system, that will be turned over to humanity after the solar flash.
  • Corey’s graphic novel is underway called Return of the Guardians, see a preview below.


  • Inner-Earth peoples had warred in the past but have come together now with the return of the Guardians, the Sphere Beings.

Earth Alliances:

  • Some Earth Alliance groups have prevented Dark Fleet ships from leaving planet, like last year during the battle that took place over Antarctica.

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  • Corey met Ambassador Micca (from a civilization on a star very near Earth). They have gone through a similar rebellion from the Draco/Reptilian beings and link to the Olmec civilization on Earth when they were here as refugees for a short time.
  • The Earth Alliance has triangle craft that are capable of defeating Dark Fleet ships, like what was seen in the Antarctic.


  • The reptilians have control of Antarctica and have been down there for thousands of years.
  • Ancient beings frozen in Antarctica are pre-Adamites who started messing with the reptilian and other beings’ genetic experiments when the pre-Adamites fled to Earth after the destruction of their civilization on Mars.
  • The pre-Adamites started making hybrid beings with humans, animals and their own genetic material. They created their own demise by creating genetic monsters—such activity is forbidden according to Wilcock.
  • The elite of today believe, or are lead to believe that they are part of this ancient line, although they are not truly it seems. They were provided propaganda about their divine right to rule founded on a link to the pre-Adamites, which isn’t really there according to Wilcock.
  • More disclosures about Antarctica in the next presentation, tomorrow, as well as in Endgame III soon to be written by David and Corey.
  • The discovery of the ruins in Antarctica have been cleaned up and filmed by the Cabal over 15 years and will be shown as a part of the partial disclosure timeline.
  • But Corey and David are presenting this information, now, in order to prevent their plans for limited disclosure. Sharing this information far and wide is very helpful to bring about full disclosure.

For part two in this series, see:

[to be added upon release]

For the complete list of CLE 2017 Notes, see:

Notes from 2017 CLE

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Rendetelo virale ! Liberazione Eterica 26-02-2017   1 comment

Giovedi, 16 febbraio, il 2017

E’ il momento di passare di nuovo all’azione! E’ il momento di prendere il destino del nostro mondo nelle nostre mani! Siamo tutti d’accordo che il processo di liberazione planetaria sta impiegando troppo tempo. Questo momento è la nostra occasione per accelerare collettivamente il processo. Quindi usiamo quest’occasione dell’eclissi solare il 26 febbraio per creare un portale attraverso il quale illuminare il campo di energia intorno al pianeta.

Rendetelo virale! Condividiamolo in tutto il mondo! Diffondiamolo in siti web e blog. Invitiamo gruppi spirituali di unirsi a noi. Se si conosce un organo di stampa alternativa, inviateglielo. È possibile creare un gruppo Facebook per il vostro gruppo locale di persone che fanno questo nella vostra parte del mondo. Abbiamo anche bisogno di un gruppo principale di Facebook per questo evento. È possibile creare un video su questo e pubblicarlo su Youtube.

Studi scientifici hanno confermato gli effetti positivi delle meditazioni di massa sulla società umana, per cui ognuno di voi che partecipera’ a questa meditazione può effettivamente aiutare a portare la manifestazione dell’Evento più vicina:

Questa meditazione aiuta le forze di Luce ad ancorare l’energia della luce sulla superficie del pianeta e potenziare la griglia di luce che è necessaria per accelerare il processo di ascensione. Il numero di persone che fanno la meditazione è il singolo fattore di potere più influente a disposizione della popolazione umana di superficie per accelerare il processo.

La chiave principale per la griglia di energia intorno al pianeta è il vortice del Congo. Questo è un enorme vortice di energia ancorata nel lago Kivu in Congo. Questa zona fu lo spazio di atterraggio di una spedizione speciale da parte della Razza Centrale, più di 2 milioni di anni fa, ancorando una potente presenza della Luce. Molto più tardi questo vortice è stato sequestrato dai Rettiliani che gli ha permesso energeticamente di controllare la maggior parte dell’Africa sub-sahariana da quella zona. Questo è il motivo per cui la magia nera è così diffusa in Africa sub-sahariana e il motivo per cui così tante persone sono posseduti da entità rettili.

Il vortice del Congo è stato il punto di ingresso per l’invasione degli Arconti nel 1996. Da allora, gli Arconti stanno facendo tutto il possibile per distruggere l’energia femminile in Congo, mentre le forze di Luce stanno cercando di sanare la situazione:

La nostra meditazione inizierà a sanare questo vortice di energia e sigillare la spaccatura nel campo energetico planetario che è stata creata in Congo nel 1996. Possiamo raggiungere la massa critica di 144.000 persone che fanno questa meditazione! Ciò creerà una massiccia reazione a catena di guarigione nel campo dell’energia invertendo efficacemente ed universalmente gli effetti negativi dell’invasione del 1996.

Il percorso dell’eclissi totale in realtà tocca l’area del Congo:


La carta astrologica alla nostra meditazione mostra un grande quadrato cardinale di Marte/Urano, Vesta, Giove e Plutone, che significa molta tensione planetaria, che molti hanno sentito fin dall’inizio dell’anno e sarà completamente risolta solo a metà Aprile. La congiunzione Sole-Luna dell’eclisse a 8 gradi nei Pesci serve come una enorme lente focale di energia che inizierà a risolvere questa tensione planetaria. Il grande trigono di Giunone, Cerere e del nodo Lunare è come un enorme freccia che punta proprio alla posizione opposta all’eclissi oltre lo zodiaco, a 8 gradi nella Vergine. Questa è la posizione di Thuban, la stella di origine delle famiglie Drago positive. Giocheranno uno dei ruoli cardine nella nostra meditazione.


Faremo questa meditazione, al momento del massimo dell’eclisse solare Domenica 26 febbraio alle 15:55, ora dell’Europa centrale (CET). Questo equivale a 16:55 al Cairo (E ITALIA – Ndt) , 16:55 a Bukavu in Congo, 14:55 GMT a Londra, 09:55 EST a New York, 08:55 CST a Chicago, 07:55 MST a Denver, 06:55 PST a Los Angeles, e 22:55 CST a Taipei.

È possibile controllare il tempo della meditazione per il fuso orario qui:


1. Utilizzare la propria tecnica per portasi a uno stato di rilassamento di coscienza.

2. Ponete l’intenzione di utilizzare questa meditazione come strumento per accelerare il processo di guarigione per il pianeta Terra e dei suoi abitanti.

3. Visualizzare una colonna di luce che emana dal Sole Galattico Centrale, passando attraverso tutti gli esseri di Luce all’interno del nostro sistema solare e poi attraverso il vostro corpo verso il centro della Terra. Visualizzare un’altra colonna di luce che sale dal centro della Terra, poi attraverso il vostro corpo e verso l’alto in cielo verso tutti gli esseri di Luce nel nostro Sistema Solare e la nostra Galassia.

4. Ora visualizzare una fiamma viola  purificare il vortice in Congo e il suo campo di energia sui piani plasma, eterico e astrale. Poi visualizzare questa fiamma viola che si espande attraverso tutta l’Africa, purificandola. Quindi espandere ancora di più fino a che abbraccia l’intero pianeta, purificando il suo campo di energia sui piani plasma, eterico e astrale.


5. Ora visualizzare un energia di guarigione rosa tenue di divina energia femminile, guarire tutte le donne violentate in Congo, guarire tutti i congolesi e portare la pace nel paese. Visualizza questa energia femminile divina sigillare la spaccatura nell’aura planetaria in Congo. Poi visualizzare questa energia femminile divina espandersi attraverso tutta l’Africa e guarire tutte le persone lì, quindi espandere ancora di più fino a che abbraccia l’intero pianeta, guarire tutti gli esseri viventi del pianeta.


La Dea vuole la pace e pace sarà !

Aggiornamenti sulla meditazione eterica di Liberazione:


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Cobra 12-02-2017: Aggiornamento situazione.   1 comment


L’eliminazione del gruppo Chimera continua. Ultimamente c’è stato un drastico miglioramento della situazione nel nostro Sistema Solare. Le forze della luce sono riuscite a cancellare la maggior parte delle anomalie di plasma dal Sistema Solare e oltre, e la stragrande maggioranza delle anomalie al plasma con la maggior parte delle restanti bombe toplet è ora accumulata vicino alla Terra nel raggio di 3 larghezze terrestri dal centro della Terra.


Questa è l’area in cui risiede la “testa” dell’entità Yaldabaoth e la zona di anomalia quantica proprio all’interno della zona di quarantena Terrestre. Il bordo di questo campo plasmatico anomalo viene descritto come lo scudo di plasma di questo articolo:


Il gruppo Chimera mantiene questo plasma anomalo in posizione per mezzo di un campo scalare di frequenze risonanti le cui prominenti sono di 11.76 Hz (corrispondente alle onde cerebrali alfa) e 15.68 Hz (corrispondente alle onde cerebrali beta). Queste due frequenze costituiscono le frequenze base del velo. Si possono contrastare alcuni degli effetti nocivi del campo scalare del velo con toni binaurali della stessa frequenza:

I cosiddetti “tentacoli” dell’entità Yaldabaoth non sono realmente tentacoli, ma in realtà filamenti di plasma mutevoli e in continuo movimento e non stanno venendo rimossi uno ad uno, ma gradualmente dissolti man mano che la Luce progredisce. È necessario capire che l’entità Yaldabaoth è un parassita che si nutre del sano plasma solare che emana costantemente dal Sole e viene distribuito in tutto il sistema solare per mezzo del vento solare:


La densità dei filamenti di plasma anomalo dell’entità Yaldabaoth, cosi’ come le bombe toplet in tutto il sistema solare stanno diminuendo rapidamente, fino al punto di essere quasi completamente dissolti e praticamente rimane solo la “testa” dell’entita’ Yaladabaoth. Questa “testa” è composta da molti strati di plasma anomali che sono stati distesi sulla superficie del pianeta negli ultimi 26.000 anni.

La stragrande maggioranza di questo sistema solare al di là dell’orbita Terra-Luna è ora nelle mani delle forze di Luce e la loro flotta.

Allo stesso tempo, la battaglia per la griglia energetica in prossimita’ della superficie del pianeta è in piena attivita’ e questa include purtroppo brutali attacchi con armi scalari ai principali Guerrieri di Luce:

Quando la testa dell’entita’ Yaldabaoth con le sue bombe toplet sara’ rimossa, gli eventi accelereranno in maniera esponenziale verso il punto di svolta (Breakthrough):

Nel frattempo, sulla superficie del pianeta, le forze dietro il presidente Trump si stanno consolidando.

In primo luogo, vi è Erik Prince, consigliere segreto di Donald Trump e l’ordine militare sovrano di Malta dietro di lui:

Il Sovrano Ordine Militare di Malta (SMOM) è controllato dai Gesuiti:

Le principali forze che controllano direttamente lo SMOM sono vecchie famiglie della nobiltà nera e Arconti Europei, come Pallavicini e Ortolani e l’ex re Juan Carlos di Spagna.

La seconda forza dietro Trump è Goldman Sachs:

I gesuiti stanno usando Trump come strumento per polarizzare la popolazione degli Stati Uniti tra “sinistra” e “destra”, con l’obbiettivo di ingegnerizzare artificialmente un conflitto nazionale. Inutile dire, che non avranno successo.

Mentre ci avviciniamo alla manifestazione dell’Evento, è molto importante rivitalizzare i gruppi di Prepararsi al Cambiamento (Prepare for Change – ndt) gruppi presenti in tutto il pianeta. Qui ci sono eccellenti linee guida del gruppo PFC della Repubblica Ceca per creare ed espandere il vostro proprio gruppo:

(nota del traduttore: riferimenti basiliari QUI e QUI)

Siete inoltre invitati a unirvi a noi nella nostra nuova Conferenza sull’Ascensione a Taipei, a Taiwan 11-12 Marzo:

Molta nuova intelligence riguardante il processo di ascensione sarà rilasciata in quella conferenza, perché questo è il momento giusto.

Vittoria della Luce!

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L’umanita’ si sta risvegliando: Per la prima volta nella storia documentata, la risonanza di Schumann e’ balzata a piu’ di 36Hz.   Leave a comment


Il 31/1/2017, per la prima volta nella storia documentata, la risonanza di Schumann ha raggiunto frequenze di 36 e oltre.

E’ un fatto molto eclatante. Nel 2014, era considerato anomalo che la frequenza salisse dai suoi usuali 7.83Hz a un range di 15-25.

Ecco come appariva nel 2014:

E un articolo ne parlava affermando come fosse strano, a quel tempo:

Ora, si sta’ spingendo con punte che superano i 30, gia’ negli ultimi 2 giorni:

Descrizione da Wikipedia:

Si e’ ipotizzato da lunga data che la consapevolezza umana puo’ avere un largo impatto sul campo magnetico e creare disturabi in esso, in particolare durante i momenti di grande ansieta’, tensione e passione:

“Qualunque cosa stia accadendo, e’ chiaro che quest’accelerazione potrebbe farvi sentire piu’ stanchi, esauriti, distratti, depressi, e anche piu’ strani man mano che aumentate le vostre proprie frequenze portandole maggiormente “in sintonia” con quelle della Nuova Terra. L’adattamento non e’ sempre un processo facile, ma tenete presente che esso e’ comunque parte del vostro unico personale RISVEGLIO.”

Tratto da: Prepare for Change.


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Video i misteri di Iside e intervista a Cobra di Prepararsi al cambiamento Turchia.   Leave a comment

I misteri di Iside. versione video:



Vittoria della Luce!


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