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Mike Quinsey’s Message from His Higher Self — September 30, 2016   2 comments

mikeEach day events move a stage closer to being announced, and when the situation is positive and the higher Ones are satisfied it is safe to do so they will go ahead without delay. The excitement is growing in the higher dimensions as you are approaching a momentous time that has been long awaited, and it is certain that a great step forward will soon be taken that has the potential to occur in just days. However, do not be disappointed if nothing happens as intimated, as any delay will have been for a very good reason. Regardless of delays the fact remains that nothing will have changed and those changes you expected will still manifest. There is a time and a place for every thing, and it is in your interests that the most essential decisions are taken by those who have an overall view and understanding of what is taking place on Earth.

The magnitude of what is happening is beyond your complete understanding, but know that you are privileged to be the Ones who are directly experiencing such a wonderful time. Indeed you are those who have been chosen to ascend in your physical bodies, and it will be a unique event. Realise that at a certain level the “old” Earth body will change to one that is of a much higher vibration. A pleasant surprise will be that you cannot in fact carry forward anything less than the perfected version of your body, free of all the blemishes and defects associated with the old Earthly vibrations. However, do not expect too much too soon, and all will come in good time for your Ascension. Enjoy your vision of the new Earth free of all restraints and opposition from those who only serve Self. Stay centered and positive and do not be misled by what is happening around you. You can stand in the midst of all the troubles as a shining Light that will lift others up.

The Illuminati are creating their own downfall, but will never stop trying to achieve their ambition of ruling the world. They would stop at nothing to do so and like a wounded animal are at their most dangerous when their position is threatened. Rest assured that whatever they do will be to no avail, as their days are numbered and defeat is staring them in the face. It is no wonder that so much is happening at once, but out of the chaos will come the most encouraging signs that will clearly signal the manifestation of a New Age. You of the Light are on your way up and soon will reach the point of change where you leave the old energies behind for good, and enjoy the fruits of your progress.

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We See ~ Perceive ~ but We Do Not Take Part in the Chaos.   Leave a comment

st-germain-portraitWe See ~ Perceive ~ but We Do Not Take Part in the Chaos
September 14, 2016 by Therese Zumi Sumner

We recently received some very good advice from Saint Germain to help us to navigate these times of turmoil. Recently Cobra mentioned how things would start to speed up as we approach the time of transition. No doubt when this happens the level of stress for people in general will increase. If we are to support the anchoring of Light and Peace then its paramount that we avoid getting involved in the chaos and it is with this phase ahead of us in mind that St Germain would now like to give us some good advice. Saint Germain lived in Europe as the Comte de Saint Germain during a period of great turmoil and His words of advice are based on experience. He lived in France during times of ‘debauchery – starvation – war’ etc. and so He understands our ‘schizophrenic’ experience at this time. He ‘attended’ court and was witty and charming, using jewels to intrigue and teach alchemy and magic. He was asked sometimes by those with eyes to see “we never feel that you are part of us – why do you come”? He explains that He came to share the Violet Flame and to heal and open people to their heart consciousness.

Sacred Union and Partnership

Saint Germain wants us to understand that the Company of Heaven are working side by side with us at all times. We are being ‘injected’ continuously and we need to realize that we also access so many levels of dimensionality simultaneously. We are in Sacred Union and Partnership and that intimacy is only increasing as we move forward, “we are very close – in your breath – in the air – standing next to you – holding your hand – nudging you forward”. He truly wishes us to understand that our Spiritual Guides are fully aware that in this integration of our mental, emotional and spiritual bodies, in our stepping forward at this time, that this requires great perseverance, fortitude and patience on our part.  Yet He reminds us that “you are no longer in the old 3rd – all 12 dimensions are wide open – and – it was always intended that there be a free flow of energy between the dimensions.”

We Are Pivotal in This Transition  

He truly wants us to understand that “we are all pivotal in setting the stage for change”. To play the roles that we have come here to play at this time He reminds us from His own experience that “we don’t take part in chaos – we send and over-light and stand back and perceive – involved but not – (we are the) – watcher within and observer – not contributing to the insanity and not allowing it to penetrate and influence – (in this way) we can access what’s needed and send it.”

We have all heard the expression of ‘being in the world but not of it’ and this is what is required of us now.’ Saint Germain explains that when we are ‘observing’ we are actually influencing because there is an electrical (magnetic) exchange taking place. He explains that we are like “grounding rods – in action in balanced neutrality”. Sometimes we are more actively taking part but we ‘hold the energy’ in the acknowledgment that we “have this exchange going on constantly by the mere fact that we are here.”

3D Reality Dissolving Fast

The turmoil in existence all around us at this time is a clear indication that the old 3D reality that we used to exist in is dissolving and falling apart before our very eyes. Let us all avoid the temptation to be drawn into this chaos by engaging in any drama be it in our physical reality or via the internet.

This advice from Saint Germain is to remind us to “hold the space and not engage in the drama”. Engaging in any drama will simple distract us from our true purpose. Saint Germain goes so far as to say that it is “sick to be engaged in madness”. Let’s remember this advice in the coming months.

Please Note:
As quite a bit of the information in this piece comes from channeled information I must warn that reader discretion/discernment is advised.
PS: The notes in italics here are the ones that I wrote while listening and not an exact transcript. The transcript for these radio shows is usually available after some weeks and I shall add it here if its available as I publish this article.

The link to the In-Light radio show where Saint Germain gives the above advice;

Therese Zumi

First Posted on PFC 14th September 2016 at 1010 AM CEST

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Gaiaportal: Sentieri sono liberati per la piena Apocalisse.   Leave a comment

gaia_energy11[Gaia Portal] 11-09-2016: Sentieri sono liberati per la piena Apocalisse.

Gaia Portal recentemente e’ stata molto attiva. Sembra che ci siano un sacco di cose dietro le quinte come dimostra l’elevato numero di messaggi pubblicati, ecco l’ultimo, rivelatore messaggio:

Risvegli arrivano con grande intensita’ nelle energie chiaroveggenti di Gaia.

Fortunati vengono abilitati cosi’ da vedere chiaramente.

Visioni inviate dal Paradiso raggiungono l’essere umano hu.

Visioni arcobaleno raggiungono l’essere Umano Hue.

Sentieri sono liberati per la piena Apocalisse.

Nota: l’essere umano hu o “hu-being” rappresenta, nella terminologia di Gaiaportal, l’essere umano ordinario che ancora non ha raggiunto un sufficiente risveglio cosi’ da avere un quadro completo di cio’ che lo circonda e accade, a differenza dell’essere Umano Hue “o Hue-Being” che ha raggiunto una sufficiente consapevolezza ed e’ piu’ o meno sul percorso dell’Ascensione – ndt raggioindaco.

Ecco la mia interpretazione del messaggio:

– L’enorme aumento energetico imprevisto di Madre Terra aiuta un sacco di gente a risvegliarsi alla nuova realtà.

– Con un po ‘di fortuna, tutto potrebbe essere visto chiaramente dalle persone prossime al risveglio. (hu beings)

– Le Forze di Luce dei Galattici inviano visioni alla popolazione generale.

– Visioni di vortici arcobaleno, come descritto nella meditazione di Ascensione settimanale di Cobra, possono essere visti dalle Forze della Luce.

– Viene spianata la strada a nuovi modi di raggiungere la piena divulgazione (Full Disclosure).



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Siate della Luce , Siate nella Luce (Be the Light , Be in the Light).   1 comment

E’ Ora….

It’s time….

Be the Rain (Sii la pioggia) – Mother Earth.



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Mike Quinsey Update (Channeling his Higher Self) – September 9, 2016   Leave a comment

mikeTime marches on and much progress continues to be made in the commencement of changes that you have long awaited. From your perspective you experience what appear to be a series of delays, whereas they are necessary steps that ensure once they are taken nothing is able to prevent the intended outcome. Be assured that much work goes on behind the scenes and the “go ahead” will be given when all is in place as necessary. Greater powers than those on Earth oversee all actions, so you can be certain that the ultimate aim is for a complete victory for the Light. It is therefore most important that you always keep focussed upon the desired changes that are soon to commence. Planning for this period has been taking place for a very long time, and nothing will be allowed to delay the outcome any further. Lightworkers are to be highly commended for their undying support and positive faith in the future.

As the vibrations continue to increase so their effect is the upliftment of those who can respond. As a result it is becoming somewhat easier to speed up the changes that are ready to be implemented. They will ultimately alter your view of life allowing for more individual time to fully follow your own life plan. The truth will be your strength and as time elapses you learn of your true history, and know the direction that you should be heading in. Much time has been lost pursuing false goals yet the experiences will strengthen your dedication to keep on the right path. Many wonder how the impending changes can be introduced without causing confusion. The answer is that planning for this time has been meticulously carried out, and subject to changes if new conditions present themselves. Backing up the plan are immense numbers of advanced Beings who will reveal themselves when the circumstances are right. They have followed your progress for eons of time and are now ready to help you over the last few hurdles. Victory is yours and it will not be denied you.

But for the presence of the Galactic Beings, you would now have been living under very restricted conditions, and imprisoned and controlled by the dark Ones. However, they were never going to be allowed to exercise such control over you, as you future had been planned to end with complete success and the opportunity to ascend. This is normal at the end of a cycle providing the Light has reached the required level. It means that Ascension is assured for those who aspire to rise up, and have been able to do so above the challenges that have been given them. It means being able to express yourselves with Universal Love, thereby accepting that you are All One. It is not easy to accept all others when you are experiencing duality, as it focusses upon separation and highlights the differences between people. Most of the time people see themselves as different from each other, making it difficult to come together in true love and understanding.

Lightworkers help others by example and that means any soul that realises that All Are One. By treating others as your equal you are showing compassion and understanding and it will help up lift up those around you. Even the smallest act of love affects others and eventually they will follow example. You do not necessarily need to belong to practising groups to show your love for other beings, as it is not beholden to any one of them. God is Love and All That Is. Your natural inclination is to be a loving Being, but your experiences in duality have taught you that not all are equal and that some should be shunned and looked down upon. However, as you grow through experience you begin to understand the truth and able to accept all souls regardless of their outward appearance or beliefs.

Amongst you are many young children who have come to lead the way out of the confusion created by your education system. It cramps the style and growth of those who would otherwise help show the way to a full understanding of your true selves. At some point soon the truth must be addressed and inaccurate information dispensed with. Real growth will not occur all of the time you are trying to progress based on some information intentionally meant to hold you back. The truth will eventually be all that remains as all false information is discarded, and the time approaches when even your history will need to be rewritten so as to reflect the truth of journey through duality. Throughout this cycle you have struggled to find your true selves, and it is necessary to understand how it came about. You will then be able to evolve much more quickly and the truth established for once and for all.

War and all manner of things associated with it cannot go forward into the New Age, thus allowing permanent peace to be firmly established. Already you are approaching such a point in time and you will find a general movement to establish a new society. One free from prejudice or false teachings and based on Love and Light. It therefore follows that those Beings who refuse to give up their old ways, will continue as before but moved to a different location to continue their experiences. In time they will again be given another opportunity to change their ways and return to the Light.

People will naturally be concerned about the fate of other family members or friends, but as long as they are aware that all souls are given the same opportunities to evolve, and helped to keep to their Path of Light there will be no need to be concerned. At this time it is most important that you focus on your own needs. You will intuitively know if you are becoming more evolved as you find it becomes easier to remain within the Light, and stay calm when others are disturbed. In such circumstances your presence can help influence others to also remain calm, and if you are in a group of people with like minds the power is greatly increased.

Your powers are in fact increasing all of the time and will become more noticeable where your thoughts are concerned. For example it may become apparent where self-healing is concerned and even distant healing. Remember that when you send out healing thoughts they do reach their intended target, but some souls put up a barrier against them. In general Unconditional Love is the power behind healing and without it the affect is minimised.

Much is happening on Earth that will soon lead to the long awaited announcements. For “re-val” all is at the stage when a final check can be made to ensure that the necessary documentation is in place. So it is not envisaged that you will have much longer to wait. You may be certain that once the changes are underway nothing will be allowed to interfere with the outcome. The stage has been set and all those taking part are ready to go ahead at short notice.

I leave you with love and blessings, and may the Light brighten your days and path to completion. This message comes through my Higher Self.

In Love and Light.

Mike Quinsey.

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The Founders: The Divine Dispensations(Must Read).   Leave a comment

d-e1-ftThere have been several major Dispensations issued forth from the Godhead that are relevant to your progress as an individual soul.

They are, in chronological order, as follows:

The Answer to the Separation, or Fall from Grace
The Galactic Shifts, occurring approximately every 108 million years
The Precessional Alignment of the Earth, occurring approximately every 25,920 years
The Wheel of Reincarnation
The Spiral of Ascension
The Mass Ascension
The Interventions of God’s Helpers during Major Civilizations
The Introduction of the Highly Evolved Children

The First Divine Dispensation – The Answer to the Fall

As stated above, the simple definition of the Fall is “the tendency of a soul to identify with the realm in which the soul is exploring.” The answer to the fall and its resulting belief in separation from God, manifested as an implanted and imprinted program within the DNA of fallen souls. Without this intervention mechanism, the decision of souls to evolve would be left entirely up to free will.

Within a few million years subsequent to the emergence of souls from the Godhead, many souls had become so enmeshed in the lower densities that they might never have remembered their Divine Origin and made the choices necessary to extricate themselves from the bondage of identification with material form. Therefore, at the same time as the fall, there was already an answer.

In eternity, all time happens NOW, and so there is ultimately no lapse in time between the problem and the answer. That answer is a complex series of implants and imprints within the etheric field of each soul, in the form of a series of DNA codes and keys that trigger awakening at various intervals. These triggers affect the functioning of free will significantly. While it is still possible for a soul to refuse to listen to the Voice of God within (the soul essence) in favor of the voice of the ego (the part identified with material form), it becomes increasingly difficult to ignore the signals being sent from God through the activation of the ascension codes and keys. The Master Template of ascension is one of the implanted DNA keys. This template is activated during the fifth Divine Dispensation, the Spiral of Ascension, which will be detailed below.

Essentially the first Dispensation established a permanent link between the separated souls and their higher selves (the aspects of the soul residing in densities 5 through 12). While ultimately, this link is eternal and can never be broken, the time period (in Earth years) required for every soul to re-establish this link on its own would have been far too long to keep the Creation going in any semblance of order. As you know, souls tend to get lost in the intricacies of free will, and had everything been relegated strictly to free will, it would have likely taken a very long time for even the most basic of learning to proceed. So the Godhead decided to provide a special pathway back to the remembrance of a soul’s Oneness with Source. This first Dispensation manifests in some souls as the conscience, or as a vague and subtle reminder that there is a better way of living than identification with the ego. It is what spurs you on and keeps your hopes up when things appear hopeless.

We will now discuss the Second Dispensation, which takes the form of a periodic cosmic event, or cycle.

The Second Dispensation – The Galactic Shift

The Second Dispensation is the Galactic Shift, discussed in depth in the following sections. The Galactic Shift is an emanation from the Central Sun of each galaxy that bathes the rotating and revolving stars and solar systems with a high frequency burst of radiation at periodic intervals during each revolution of the galaxy. In the Milky Way galaxy, this shift occurs approximately every 108 million years for stars and solar systems in the arm of the galaxy in which the Earth is located. Each time the Earth and her neighboring stars and planets pass through this beam of light, the dominant vibration of the atomic structures on such stars and planets is moved up to the next density level, through a process known by various names, including the entering of the “photon belt”, “stargate”, or “portal.”

Since there are no illustrations available at this point to describe the Galactic Shift, you can picture it as a spiral shaped like a spring or coil. As you move along the coil, you return over and over to the same point on the spiral, except that you are shifted into a higher position along the coil. When you look at your galaxy from a vertical point above the plane of the spiral, it appears there is only one dimension to the spinning arms of the spiral, but in actuality, the galaxy is much like the coil in that each time it spins, the vibration changes and you emerge at a higher point. So essentially, every 108 million years (halfway through one revolution around the central sun) a shift is made into a higher frequency of light. We will explain the time discrepancy between the Galactic Shift and the duration of one revolution of the galaxy, in the specific section on the Galactic Shift coming later in this treatise.

The Galactic Shift is a Dispensation designed to create an upper time limit on how long souls can linger in a particular realm without showing definitive signs of growth and soul evolution. Since God knew that not all souls would be ready to undergo this shift during its naturally occurring time cycle, the decision was made to transfer the “laggard” souls to planets in other regions of the galaxy to allow them more time to prepare for the shift. The mechanics of the shift will be described in detail in the following sections.

There are teachings on your planet that suggest that the reason for all the problems on Earth has to do with the “laggard” souls incarnating upon this world that were cast out from other worlds. To some extent this is true, since some of the souls incarnating on Earth originally came from worlds that were getting ready to ascend. Such souls were not ready to make the shift and were transferred to Earth as their planet of remedial learning. Now they are being given another chance to graduate, and some of them will make it this time. Others will be sent to yet another remedial planet for a third try.

In some rare cases, souls have failed to progress even after going through many transfers to more slowly evolving planets. It is not possible to postpone the Galactic Shift inevitably. Eventually all souls must go through the process. Souls that are unable to withstand the shift (and that have exhausted their transfer options) go through what has been referred to as the “second death.” The second death is merely a reassembling, or recycling of the soul matrix back into the Godhead. In a sense, it is like starting over from the beginning with a new soul matrix. Such souls will be merged back into the Godhead and then will re-emerge back into Creation at a later time. This is the only case in which souls actually merge back into the Godhead and it is, as we stated before, extremely rare.

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Estratti da Arcangelo Michele e Sananda (Italiano)   Leave a comment

Estratti da Arcangelo Michele e Sananda dal precedente programma radiofonico.–and-a-Transcription-of-our-Last-Show.html?soid=1114135227078&aid=U-LixLK-mP8

( traduzione Ben Boux

Siamo In onda Domenica alle 2 EDT!

Saremo in onda per il nostro spettacolo radio Domenica 12 giugno alle 02:00 Eastern Daylight Time. Notizia! Conversazioni con la Società del Cielo! Partecipazione con i membri della famiglia presenti! Unitevi a noi!!!

Ecco il link allo spettacolo del 12 giugno:

Tutti gli spettacoli sono archiviati.

Di seguito si fornisce una trascrizione parziale del nostro spettacolo radio del 29 maggio per dare a coloro che desiderano rivedere e / o seguire gli insegnamenti attuali da Arcangelo Michele e Sananda. Loro continueranno ad essere in mostra il 12 giugno, in modo che non perdiate le importanti e divertenti informazioni di fondo!

Di seguito sono riportati alcuni estratti forniti da Arcangelo Michele e Sananda dal precedente programma radiofonico.

Si può accedere ad ulteriori conversazioni e informazioni dallo spettacolo del 5/29 spettacolo attraverso l’ascolto negli archivi su

Offriamo questa trascrizione per consentire di seguirci nei prossimi programmi radiofonici che si allargheranno su questi temi ed oltre, mentre ci muoviamo attraverso questo tratto finale per entrare nella una nuova era che tutti abbiamo anticipato.

Arcangelo Michele:

Ciao, ciao a tutti. Sì, io sono vostro fratello Michael. Siamo nel grande festeggiamento di questo raduno mondiale di oggi, che rappresenta l’incontro di tanti gruppi che partecipano allo sforzo globale unificato a tutto campo che abbiamo qui nel COH ( Compagnia del Cielo), stiamo infatti invocando l’ultimo tratto di questa fase. Questo sforzo è aumentare le energie una volta per tutte e spingere l’inizio dei programmi sulla linea (di partenza). Facciamo iniziare questa festa, una volta per tutte!

Ora, dietro le quinte, il lavoro è continuato, il progresso è continuato. Stiamo parlando delle stesse cose di cui parlate voi. “Facciamo che si veda l’inizio dei programmi, alla luce del sole per tutti”. Cominciando con il RV, il GCR, NESARA, GESARA, Gli Annunci, che comprendono tutto, dal rilascio della “free energy” e delle tecnologie per la guarigione, sino all’abolizione della falsa tassazione, le valute senza copertura. L’attuazione dei chiari, trasparenti, autentici governi e modo di governo, giacenti appena sotto i vecchi fatiscenti sistemi. Sta accadendo. Siamo qui in primo luogo ad assicurarvi di questo, e a dire – questo segna il punto di svolta.

Ascoltate queste nuove parole. Ricevete le energie che sto trasmettendo con le parole, e sentirete fino a cosa sia la società dei Cieli. Stiamo intendendo fortemente che questa sia la spinta finale, in modo che noi possiamo tutti iniziare a godere l’inizio, come si svolge e fiorisce attraverso i programmi che abbiamo a lungo atteso. Ho intenzione di darvi alcuni strumenti utili, quindi indossate la cintura degli attrezzi, e dopo sta per arrivare Sananda, e vi mostrerà come usarli.

Cosa è un pensiero?

Voglio parlare di “Che cosa è un pensiero?” Voi siete Lavoratori della Luce ad alto livello, Guerrieri Spirituali, uno per tutti. Se state ascoltando questo programma, voi ci avete meditato, “Che cosa è un pensiero?”, perché avete sentito più e più volte “Scegliete i vostri pensieri. E’ così che create.” E’ vero, è così semplice, ma cosa è un pensiero?

Una volta Christine ha deciso di contemplare questo in profonda meditazione fino a quando ne avesse acquisito la comprensione una volta per tutte. Beh, ha meditato per tre giorni di fila, così dopo tre giorni le abbiamo inviato un qualche aiuto extra. Ok, immaginate questo – ciò che ha visto Christine. Ha iniziato a vedere delle bolle, bolle galleggianti dalla sua mente, fluttuanti nello spazio. Lo spazio in cui stavano galleggiando è quello che potreste chiamare il famoso “spazio intermedio”. Bene, che cos’è? E’ pura potenzialità; è il campo della creatività pura, il luogo in cui può sorgere la Creazione. Così, sono venute queste bolle fuori da Christine, e così lei le ha seguite. Si è resa conto che se avesse visto una bolla che la faceva ridere, la bolla si sarebbe mossa più velocemente. Bene, questo era abbastanza intelligente e creativo, e lei ha iniziato a giocarci, e ben presto ha deciso di mettere una freccia con una corda e l’ha inviata, (suono: ZZZZZzzzzt) lontano di fronte a lei.
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